Thursday, June 17, 2010

Server Service Hanging on Windows 2008 Server

Here's one for you.

See the following atricle:

It talks about Windows NT through to 2003 not starting the Server Service due to a port monitor from either Lexmark or HP.

However, what they neglect to mention is the problem still exists on 2008 Server, and the behaviour may be slightly different.

The article points to a problem where the Server service evetually fails with an event log message alerting you to this. I had the problem, however the Server Service hung indefinitely, and never ended up logging an error. I just logged into the server (as local admin, domain admins can't login if the Server service is still starting), and in the services mmc I notice the Server service is still listed as "Starting". This is under Server 2008 32bit edition. Not NT-2003 as the KB article would suggest.

The good news is, the fix in the KB article works fine. It turns out that one of the port monitors causes the Print Spooler to start too soon, and editing the Registry to make th Print Spooler dependant on the Server Service fixed things a treat.

I just thought I'd make a note of the whole thing here, in case someone is experiencing the same behaviour I had.

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